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Vaccinated are 5 times more affected by Covid,immune system reduced by 80%&AIDS in sight  
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הכתבה באייס שצונזרה,תחת הכותרת: "ישראל ידעה על הסיכונים של חיסוני קורונה והשתיקה זאת"
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כעת המחוסנים חשופים פי חמש להדבקה מקורונה עם מערכת חיסונית הרוסה עד כ-80% חשד לאיידס
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Vaccinated are 5 times more affected by Covid,immune system reduced by 80%&AIDS in sight
שני 07.02.22 14:35


אוהב את ישראל, אוהב צדק? לארגון `נקים` דרוש נדבן פילנטרופ ולוחם

מעריב חושף ששופטי העליון גונבים מהציבור הטבות מפליגות הכל בניגוד גמור לחוק

רצח רבין:השבכ נעתר לבקשה של נקים לשחרר את פרופ' היס מחובת הסודיות על ניתוח הגופה

בלי בושה: השופטת ורדה אלשיך סידרה למקורבה השופט בדימוס פלפל שכר טרחה של 10 מיליון ש"ח

עמיר מנור, כתב מעריב, הוקלט משקר טרם הוציא כתבה שקרית נגד 'נקים' המיחצנת את רשם האגודות ושותפיו

שחיתות מע' המשפט פורצת את מחסום הקול,ראיון על ארגון נקים בקול ישראל, בייניש, מזוז ושנדר תחת ביקורת

הראל סגל: 'יש אדונים לארץ הזו והדמוקרטיה משרתת אותם ואת האינטרסים שלהם. כל היתר, וזה כולל את רובכם, נתונים במעמד עבדים החיים באשליית אדנות...'

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מחבר הודעה
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דובר של `נקים`
דובר של `נקים`

הצטרף: 23 ינו' 2006
הודעות: 995

הודעהפורסם: שני 07.02.22 14:35    נושא ההודעה: Vaccinated are 5 times more affected by Covid,immune system reduced by 80%&AIDS in sight

The “vaccinated” are now five times more likely to be infected with Covid with an immune system damaged by up to 80%, there is a strong suspicion that they will suffer or already suffer from severe immunodeficiency syndrome.
This emerges from a detailed article published on the dailyexpose.uk website based on official data from the Canadian Ministry of Health.

click to enlarge

This terrible fact can be verified, among other things, by data from Denmark and Israel.
Remember that already in March 2021 we pointed out here the damage to the immune system of "vaccinated" by Pfizer vaccines, see here:

In August, we confirmed the trend of continued damage to the immune system, see the data presented by Dr. Hervé Seligmann in the article here:

As for Dr. Seligmann's conclusion that vaccination does not prevent severe cases and, even worse, it promotes them.

In the same article, I detailed the methods of distortion by the Ministry of Health in Israel, which manipulates definitions in order to deceive the world and present a false picture of the alleged efficacy of Pfizer's vaccine.

In a September 2021 article, Dr. Seligmann extracted data from Israel that Pfizer's vaccine is not effective at all and that vaccinated people are more infected and more likely to die from Covid19 than the unvaccinated:
https://www.researchgate.net/publication/354574193_The_third_injection _is_only_necessary_because_the_2_first_injections_are_ineffective

In October 2021, Dr. Spiro Pantazatos and Dr. Seligmann published an article in which it was once again clarified the ineffectiveness of the vaccine for all ages and the need to find a treatment for the side effects of "vaccines" against Covid19.

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/355581860_COVID_vaccination_a nd_age-stratified_all-cause_mortality_risk

In a December 2021 article, Dr. Herve Seligmann showed via data from Denmark that the damage to the immune system of "vaccinated" is cumulative and not attenuated, the more doses they receive, the more their immune system is weakened.

https://www.researchgate.net/publication/357093348_The_more_COVID19_va ccine_injections_the_more_omicron_infections

Let's move on to the shocking data revealed by the dailyexpose.uk site yesterday:
https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/02/06/canada-gov-data-suggests-fully-vacci nated-developing-ade

Based on data published by Canada's Department of Health, dailyexpose compares data up to December 5, 2021 and that ending January 15, 2022. A simple data comparison, which Trudeau's Department of Health refrained from doing for his own reasons, leads to shocking conclusions on any level:
After a complete vaccination course, the ''vaccinated'' are 5 times more exposed than non-vaccinated people to being infected by omicron.

But the dailyexpose does not stop there, it shows that those vaccinated have lost almost 80% of their immune system protection and are rapidly approaching an AIDS-like disease (immune system failure due to a infection with the notorious HIV)
The publication of the dailyexpose reminds us of the warnings in the expert opinion of Professor Luc Montagnier, winner of the Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of the AIDS virus, which he sent to us and which we submitted to the High Court of justice in Israel last May. This also ties in with his repeated statements and those of other experts over the past year about the risks associated with messenger RNA vaccines.

in summary the future of "vaccinated" worries, the above data refer to Canada.
Considering all of the above and the fact that in Israel the vaccination campaign began even before Canada and that more than half a million people were vaccinated with a fourth booster, hundreds of thousands of Israelis are probably already in a state of immunodeficiency syndrome and hundreds of thousands more are on that path.

The various alarms lately from funeral societies across Israel about the sudden explosion of mortality to levels we have not experienced until now are probably a sign of this.

In the light of the above, it seems necessary to reveal this data to the "vaccinated" as soon as possible on the state of their declining immune system so that they can demand and receive treatment accordingly, this in the greatest emergency.
Haim Yativ

This article can be viewed and shared via this link:

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הסקר קובע: רוב הציבור בישראל סבור שהשחיתות פוגעת בחייו היום יומיים,
חתום על העצומה נגד שחיתות הממסד ומערכת המשפט והצטרף ל"נקים"

ניתן להשיג את חיים יטיב הדובר של ארגון "נקים" באמצעות טלגרם @HaimYativ או דוא"ל haim@nakim.org

השופט מישאל חשין:המלחמה בשחיתות היא מלחמה להגנה עצמית בה לא לוקחים שבוייםEvil or Very Madsadomaso
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