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פרשת ילדי תימן התעלומה, האמת הרבה מעבר לכל דימיון
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מותו של השגריר הסיני בישראל, היתכן שנרצח כי טען שהוירוס הובא לסין?
רביעי 20.05.20 19:19

הטרדות אחרי הפרסום על מעורבות לכאורית של ביבי והמוסד במותו של השגריר הסיני
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אוהב את ישראל, אוהב צדק? לארגון `נקים` דרוש נדבן פילנטרופ ולוחם

מעריב חושף ששופטי העליון גונבים מהציבור הטבות מפליגות הכל בניגוד גמור לחוק

רצח רבין:השבכ נעתר לבקשה של נקים לשחרר את פרופ' היס מחובת הסודיות על ניתוח הגופה

בלי בושה: השופטת ורדה אלשיך סידרה למקורבה השופט בדימוס פלפל שכר טרחה של 10 מיליון ש"ח

עמיר מנור, כתב מעריב, הוקלט משקר טרם הוציא כתבה שקרית נגד 'נקים' המיחצנת את רשם האגודות ושותפיו

שחיתות מע' המשפט פורצת את מחסום הקול,ראיון על ארגון נקים בקול ישראל, בייניש, מזוז ושנדר תחת ביקורת

הראל סגל: 'יש אדונים לארץ הזו והדמוקרטיה משרתת אותם ואת האינטרסים שלהם. כל היתר, וזה כולל את רובכם, נתונים במעמד עבדים החיים באשליית אדנות...'

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הצטרף: 19 מרץ 2009
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יישוב: באר שבע



It's time the world woke up to the truth. The main target of Zionism is the Jews. Zionism is a Vatican-sponsored program of Jewish genocide.

Theodore Herzl was in cahoots with the Vatican from the very beginning.

If the Vatican has to destroy the lives of 100 or 1000 Arabs in order to demoralize one Jew by making him or her a solider, they consider it a damn good deal.

The following is an edited Version of a Report, Complaint and Petition that I sent to the United Nations.

I have recopied the interchange that I had with a representative of the Petitions Team of the UN, who was not directed to identify himself or herself and simply signed as "The Petitions Unit". The exchange is to be found at the end of my Report.

Subsequently, I sent the original Report to Vaclav Klaus, President of EU and The Czech Republic and to José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission.

This edited version is for public consumption.

I want to urge anyone who is interested in resolving the Middle East conflict to disseminate this edited Report. It contains the much of the information that the Middle East conflict is being created to act as a smoke screen to conceal.

You are at liberty and welcomed to disseminate this version to whomever you like. However, it must be recopied *as is*, not edited in the slightest, and it must be attributed to me, Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan of Tzfat, Israel.


This is an edited version of the Report, Complaint and Petition that I sent to the below-named Individual and Committees of the UN on June 9, 2009. It has been edited to delete any identifying details of the victims. All of the salient points are here, but the continuity may, in some places, seem a bit interrupted because of what I had to edit out for public consumption.

To: 1) The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay
2) The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child
3) The United Nations Committee against Torture
4) The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Re: Gross and Willful Human Rights Violations Against Citizen Children and their Families by the State of Israel, particularly on the part of:
1) The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services (Current Minister, Isaac Herzog),
2) The Ministry of Health (Current Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu),
3) The Ministry of Education (Current Minister, Gideon Sa'ar)
4) The Juvenile Court System

It should be mentioned at the outset that not only the above-named individuals are guilty of the crimes I will refer to herein. These Ministries and Authorities have been involved in these crimes for approximately half a century.

One cannot get the discount for a nursery in Israel and other benefits, to which single Mothers who are not wealthy are entitled by law, without the involvement of the Social Workers. The system is set up that way. Poor and/or single parents and their children are always under observation. The Social Workers, these parents are acutely aware, can pounce on them arbitrarily at any time to collect their bounties. They trump up, or exaggerate, sometimes grossly, charges of neglect and/or abuse, place the children in institutions or, in a small minority of cases, in foster care, on the whim of their self-devised Decision Making Committees.

These failings and gross misconduct on the part of those who partake in these Committees (many thousands sit per year), which are not authorized to sit by law, are described in the below-named Reports. Not only are they not authorized by law, they are not so much as conducted in accordance with the instructions of the General Manager of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services in many, perhaps the majority, of cases.

Once institutionalized, the children are often drugged with drugs that are not approved for humans under the age of 18. This not only encourages an unholy alliance between government and the pharmaceutical industry, it also prevents the children from being clear-headed enough to be able to report the full extent of the abuse and neglect they experience in these institutions. Their partial reports and the marks on their bodies attest to the fact that the abuse is occurring.

FEAR! All but the most rich and connected parents live in constant fear of these bounty hunters. Social Workers, including Child Welfare Officers, are typically given low salaries so that the bonuses they receive on the children they place in institutions or foster care, (all the more so the money they receive from adoptions!), are particularly powerful incentives.

After I turned to the mass written and televised media in Israel with an account of the utter dysfunction of the Child Welfare System some fifteen years ago, I was "slapped" with a restraining order written by Judge Chana Slotky (not Chief Child Care Officer Chana Slotsky) not to publish anything that "might harm children" for a period of three years.

I have subsequently learned that the constant changing of a child's framework, never allowing them to feel at home or a sense of belonging or a sense of stability or a sense of predictability or a sense of familiarity or being able to form lasting bonds of friendship, never being allowed to form stable relationships with adults, never being allowed a frame of reference is TORTURE and that it can be far more devastating to the development of the child than any of the forms of abuse that are recognized as reasons for removal of children from their homes.



I was horrified to learn that matters have actually gotten worse than they were when I was a young Mother. I also learned that in the interim many families had "come out" against Social Services publicly because they had gotten so brazen they began to kidnap the children of middle class families, as well as the poor, and those people had the wherewithal and means to defend themselves and their children.

The Social Services system is now so dysfunctional that Committee after Committee has been called upon by Ministers of the Israeli government to study the problems in the system, to describe them in detail to plenums of the Knesset and to offer suggestions for remediation. The vast majority of the suggestions are never implemented. Only those parts of them that have no effect whatsoever on the general corruption are implemented, for appearances' sake.

The Reports that I will presently refer to your attention state emphatically and repeatedly that it is impossible to get justice within the system when Complaints against the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, who all work hand-in-hand to harm the children in their care, are lodged. Oh, and Complaints are indeed lodged – by the library full! But as you will soon learn, not one, not a one, over a period of decades, has ever been found to be true and correct by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, which now calls itself The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.

The Ministry of Education must be included in this Report, Complaint and Petition because:
1) Many of the institutions in which children are placed by the Child Welfare Officers are run by the Ministry of Education
2) There is increasing cooperation in targeting children for removal from their homes by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and that of Education. More and more programs are being devised wherein the two work hand-in-hand - and not to the betterment of the children.
3) Teachers are answerable to Child Welfare Officers and must do whatever they are told to do by Child Welfare Officers under penalty of prosecution.
4) The nightmarish state of the educational system in Israel, including the rampant and unbridled violence in schools, including: taped and televised incidents of sexual activity between and among minor children on school premises, including rape and gang rape, create conditions in which children are indeed made into victims of violence, violence which is often mendaciously attributed to the parents, and thus liable, and likely, to fall into the clutches of "Protective Services".
5) Due to the fact that schools receive more money for Special Education than they do for ordinary classes, there is incentive to pump up the number of the children the schools claim need Special Education and treat them as such. I was personally witness to the case of a child, the son of dear friends, who was slated for Special Education after kindergarten upon entering first grade. They claimed that he was "clumsy" due to slight overweight and that his coordination was underdeveloped (an oft-used excuse to slate a perfectly normal child for Special Ed). His poor parents managed to scrape together the necessary funds to have the boy independently tested by a very highly respected Educational Psychologist far from their home, one whose opinion is not often countermanded in Committees. The boy was found to have an IQ in the 160 range. We, my Husband Daniel and I, helped our friends to go to the Supreme Court with the issue. The guilty parties were given a disapproving wave of the finger in reprimand. If true justice was perverted, at least an atrocity was averted – that time. Additionally, a dear friend of ours, a long-time kindergarten teacher, confided in us that if there aren't enough children who need Special Education to justify opening a class for the first grade, they take the perfectly normal, but lowest achievers, of the kindergarten and put them in Special Education. Clearly, all of these children will become case numbers in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.

The role of the Israeli Ministry of Health in all these matters should be manifest. The most damnable ATROCITIES of the Ministry of Health in these matters is the rife use of psychotropic drugs on children, most of which are not approved for use in humans under the age of eighteen and, of course, the maintenance of the psychiatric wards to which children are dispatched rather nonchalantly by the Juvenile Judges.

An investigation must be carried out to determine if the Juvenile Judges are receiving "perks" or "kickbacks" for the many children they remove to institutions, foster care and psychiatric wards and, if so, what those incentives are. Nothing to this effect has been mentioned, to the best of my knowledge, in any of the reports. But there is widespread financial corruption among the Judges in Israel and it defies common sense that Social Workers get bonuses on placements and the Judges do not get "something extra".

Much media attention is devoted to Human Rights Abuses perpetrated by the overwhelmingly Jewish Israeli government against the Palestinians. I want to emphasize that this Report describes the atrocities being committed by the Israeli government against Jewish citizen children and their families.

It is also interesting that, to the best of my knowledge, no one in Israel has ever been indicted for either purchasing or producing child pornography, although the (undisclosed) names of Israelis have appeared among the names in child pornography rings that have been "busted". From what I have read, admission to those "parties" and those movies are quite pricey – certainly not in the price range of people the Social Workers usually have files on.

The above-mentioned Ministries of the State of Israel are in gross violation of the Pact devised by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1989, and to which Israel obliged itself by signing in 1991. This has been emphasized in the Report delivered to the Knesset by the Committee headed by Professor Yisrael Tzvi Gilat, which was commissioned by then Minister of Labor and Welfare, Rabbi Shlomo Benizri. The rights of the child that were specifically mentioned as being routinely and systematically violated by the Child Welfare Officers under the protection and aegis of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services are:

1) Discrimination – the overwhelming majority of children removed from their homes belong to the socio-economically weak sectors of society. Their situation is entirely remedial. But little remediation of their situation is offered.
2) Child Welfare is violated – the decisions taken in hastily, improperly and unprofessionally organized Decision Making Committees, which are not authorized by law, from which other professionals are oft-times excluded and in which minutes are never taken and recorded (they claim they are protecting the children with their secrecy) have been proved to be damaging to children's welfare.
3) Children's development, indeed their very survival, is often threatened under the conditions which prevail in government-run institutions.
4) Children's right to participation in the decisions that affect them is blithely and routinely ignored by Social Workers, who routinely do not involve either children or their parents in their freewheeling, unauthorized Decision Making Committees. Oft-times other professionals, who know the children best (teachers, psychologists, physicians, etc), do not participate either, for one reason or another. The overwhelming majority of children who are removed from their homes are not asked their opinion on the matter and are not involved in the decision-making process, even if they are quite old enough to be able to understand the situation and articulate their thoughts and feelings. I have been told by parents that Social Workers have told them that their children were consulted and did voice their opinions (those taken by the Decision Making Committees) but the parents know from what they are told by the Social Workers that that was not the decision of their child and the children themselves voice desires and thoughts on the matter of their placement that do not "jibe" with what the Social Workers claim. They usually want to remain home. Social Workers, in a word, lie – and they lie to the detriment of children, who may or may not be at risk, and to the betterment of their own incomes.

The findings of the Gilat Report, one of the most scathingly honest in its exposure and critique of Social Services, were summarily "buried".

My understanding is that as a signatory state to the Pact on the Welfare of the Child, the State of Israel is required to provide regular reports to the UN. I don't know what information, misinformation and/or disinformation might have been provided to the UN in those reports. I do know that if the truth, or even the part of the truth that those who prepared the herein-mentioned Reports dared to tell within the parameters of concern that were described to them, were known to the United Nations; Israel would be known to be committing heinous acts of human rights abuses against tens of thousands of its citizen children and their families and the Israeli Juvenile "Justice" system would be considered a rogue institution.

According to information gleaned from the Reports discussed below in the book ילדים רחוקים (Far-Removed Children, my translation), by Yaakov Eliyah;
75,000 children, that is a full 5% of the entire Jewish child citizen population of the State of Israel, 10 times more per capita than any other modern country, are either institutionalized or, in a small minority of cases, in foster homes.

One's head reels and one's stomach roils to think of the effect that this much grief and trauma is having on Israeli society.

For decades, children in Israel have been placed in institutions for various, often spurious, reasons. Today the figure is about 10,000 per year. The effects on the individual of that which has been termed "Institutionalization Syndrome" has been well-documented. Has anyone ever undertaken a study of what the effects of massively widespread "Institutionalization Syndrome" on a society might be?

Seventy-five percent of the children removed from their homes are cases of simple poverty-based neglect. I am not herein referring to gross, criminal neglect that endangers a child immediately, like the case of the Child Protection Officer from Kiryat Gat who "just forgot" (in his words) and left his one-year-old daughter locked in the family car for three hours a few days ago and which was reported in the news, because both he and his wife are Social Workers, as "something that could happen to anyone" and "like forgetting one's wallet in the car". I am speaking of the neglect that is the ineluctable product of poverty. The vast majority children who are removed from their homes by Social Services and the Juvenile Court system are not in immediate danger. They are simply from economically disadvantaged families. Fifteen percent of the children removed from their homes are said to be the victims of physical abuse. Many of these cases are unsubstantiated. All it takes to remove a child from his or her home in Israel is one anonymous phone call. Ten percent are said to be victims of sexual abuse. Many of these cases are fabrications on the part of the Social Services as well.

The most shocking revelations about the Social Services system are to be found in the Report of Professor Yisra'el Tzvi Gilat and his Committee, which was commissioned by Rabbi Shlomo Benizri, former Minister of Labor and Welfare.

Very serious findings of gross malpractice on the part of Child Welfare Officers have also been found by the commissioned Reports of:

1) Professor Vered Slonim-Nevo, School of Social Work, Ben Gurion University, published most recently in 2008.

2) Judge Saviona Rotlevy, (Former?) Vice-President of the District Court in Tel Aviv and former Juvenile Judge.

3) Prof. Rami Benbenishti, which report was undertaken under the aegis of the Brookdale Institute.

4) Professor Dan Shnitt. I should like to mention that Judge Chana Rish-Rothschild, of the Family Court in Tel Aviv, who was one of this Committee's members, was implicated in financial wrongdoings together with another Judge a couple of years ago. Though those wrongdoings were not related to her job per se, it does say that her morality can be compromised for remuneration and there is no place for character such as this in Family Court.

The findings of these Reports are routinely "buried" and the recommendations summarily ignored.

Let it be born in mind that Ministers come and go and cannot accumulate any real power over their Ministries. It is the Ministry apparatchiks, who are not replaced every four years, who are the ones who really set the policy. In investigating these matters, it is far more important to investigate the policies and actions of the General Managers of these Ministries than the Ministers. However, a Minister who is aware of gross malpractice on the part of those in his or her charge and does nothing to ameliorate the situation, and even supports them, it entirely culpable as well.

Unlike other Ministers of the then-named Ministry of Labor and Welfare who have recognized that Social Services are in gross violation of law, procedure and human decency and have investigated these matters like Ora Namir and Rabbi Shlomo Benizri; I have been told that Isaac Herzog, the current Minister of Social Affairs and Social Services, gives the Child Welfare Officers his full support. It is unlikely that he will be accused of "meddling", as Chief Child Welfare Officer for the Southern region, Shoshana Rosenfeld, accused his predecessor, Ora Namir, in my presence.

A recent, clearly toned-down, report of malpractice on the part of Social Services that deals specifically with the Chief Child Welfare Officer for Divorce Cases, one Mrs. Ronit Tzur, presented by the Committee headed by Professor Vered Slonim-Nevo, of the Ben Gurion University School of Social Work, has recommended that an independent Ombudsman be placed in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services to field the myriad Complaints that Office receives. The current Minister of Social Affairs, Isaac Herzog, and the General Manager of the Ministry, Mr. Nahum Itzkovitch, are vigorously opposing this recommendation, as is the Head of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Batya Artman, Esq. The recommendation, it should be noted, could at best improve the functioning of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare only to a limited extent, due to the fact that the Ombudsman cannot go against the interested actions of the Juvenile Judges. But at least it would give the Complaints received a measure of the respect they are due. Mr. Herzog, Mr. Itzkovitch and Ms. Artman will not have this. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services must deny the validity of all Complaints – for fear of being buried under the potential avalanche of their Crimes Against Humanity. Former Chief Child Welfare Officer, Miriam Faber, who is personally responsible for many of my woes after having gone on public television, is quoted as telling a plenum of the Knesset that she cannot remember one case of one child who was removed from the home and placed in their care by mistake. We can only assume, then, that it is no mistake that children are wrongly placed and their parents wrongly accused of crimes they never committed – and Mrs. Faber, inter alia, should be tried for her knowing and premeditated high crimes accordingly.

Dr. Marina Solodkin, Member of Knesset, is the one voice being heard in the Knesset unequivocally championing the cause of the tens of thousands of children who are institutionalized and in foster care who should not be and their families. It is essential that the relevant UN bodies to which this Complaint is addressed hear Dr. Solodkin's voice and clarion call for justice.

The Juvenile Courts in Israel are travesties of irregular and illegal proceedings. They are bizarre parodies of proper legal proceedings. The de rigueur lack of legal representation for parents in the Juvenile Courts is described in the above-named Reports. Judge Shlomo Nahmias, retired Juvenile Judge who used to work in the Court in Be'er Sheva, not only did not tell at least one pair of parents that I am aware of that they were entitled to any kind of legal counsel; when they asked if they could have a lawyer he said: There aren't lawyers on the other side, just Child Welfare Officers. So, it's not like it's a real Court." The way he said it was calculated to give the distinct feeling that it wouldn't be fair for the parents to have a lawyer up against the Child Welfare Officers and they were being some kind of impudent and audacious bullies for asking. In at least one case that I know of and can attest to, the record of the Court proceedings did not record much of what transpired in the Court room. It was most certainly not a verbatim account.

A generalized feeling of intimidation, fear and that the proverbial axe always hanging over one's head is intentionally cultivated by the Social Services of Israel among the poor, and now the middle class, sectors of society. Before I turned to the media, I was warned by any number of people that they would take revenge upon me. There is a generalized feeling in Israel that if you go up against the establishment, you will be marked and retaliated against. This is not only not less true of the Child Welfare Officers, it is the more so true. The people who warned me were right, but only partially. They often do not take revenge on the parents directly. They do so on the children of the parents. Who would have thought that agents of the State of Israel would destroy a child in order to "punish" an adult for imaginary infractions? It was a most rude awakening. They systematically torment children for years in retaliation against parents "going public" or "not cooperating". I WILL NOT BE SILENCED. I WILL NOT BE COWERED INTO SUBMISSION. I WILL LET THE WORLD KNOW ABOUT THE SERIAL ATROCITIES COMMMITTED BY THE STATE OF ISRAEL AGAINST BOTH ADULT AND CHILD CITIZENS ALIKE.

While the sufferings of the Palestinian population at the hands of the Israeli government are well covered in the media and generally known all over the world, no one knows of the sufferings of the targeted Jewish populations in the State of Israel.

Chana Slotsky, current Head Child Welfare Officer, can be seen from 3:25 minutes into this video intimidating parents not to "go public" with their Complaints, as so many have done recently, in desperation, after encountering nothing but denial when they turned to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services for redress. She says that the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services defends the Social Workers against the valid Complaints of the parents, which she lists:


The virtual reign of terror that is conducted by the Head of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services' legal department, Batya Artman, Esq., against any and all, within or without the system, who dare to criticize the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, including her threats of legal action, is described in Ya'akov Eliah's book ילדים רחוקים (Far-Removed Children). Artman was a member of the Committee headed by Vered Slonim-Nevo, which presented its findings to the Knesset in 2008, and which recommends that an Ombudsman's Office be established in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services. Artman's voice thunders as a dissenting opinion in the Committee, which critiqued the work of the Child Welfare Officers in Matters of Divorce in a most, perhaps too, restrained and circumspect a manner.

I spoke very recently with a Mother from Dimona whose son was placed in the Emergency Center in Be'er Sheva. He was given Tegretol (Carbamazepine). She told me specifically that he is not epileptic. She evidently isn't aware of the other uses for Carbamazepine and one can assume from that that her son was never diagnosed with any of those other Johnny come lately "disorders" either. She said that his skin was very red and his eyes were red and bulging when he came home. This drug, I have read, has a rather long list of possible side-effects, some very serious.

The very name "Emergency Center" is calculated to make one think that the children there are in very grave and immediate danger – presumably from their parents. The parents of children placed in an "Emergency Center" are made to feel that they are the most dangerous of the dangerous, abusive parents. It should be investigated if indeed it is the parents of those children who pose the gravest and most immediate danger to them.

This same woman told me that after a hearing in Court, wherein her lawyer was present, she was told by a Social Worker: "Next time come without your lawyer." She repeated that for stress, understanding the severity of the statement, which was not posed as a suggestion.

Although the problems are endemic and exist in every town in Israel in which the Child Welfare Officers operate, the town of Dimona comes up again and again as the worst offender and I must make a special issue of this.

Dimona is located deep in the Negev Desert, far from the economic center of the country, and is beset by poverty. A large percentage of Dimona's population is the children and grandchildren of the Jews who emigrated from Morocco in the early 1950s. Those same Moroccan immigrants were they who were targeted for the radiation experiments when they were children. Today, many of them are mature parents and grandparents. Rather than receiving compensatory aid and rehabilitation, that population remains stigmatized and Israelis, unaware of the experiments, have been conditioned to attribute the radiation-caused effects that are seen in the Moroccan Jewish population to their being genetically defective.

More children, per capita, are removed from their homes in Dimona than anywhere else in the country according to a recent report issued by the then-named Ministry of Labor and Welfare. Seventeen times more children, per capita, are removed from their homes in Dimona than in the financially relatively prosperous town of Modi'in, for instance.

The current Mayor of Dimona, Mr. Meir Cohen, I have been informed, was the Principal of a school in Dimona prior to becoming Mayor. He has taken steps to integrate the departments of Education and Welfare in the town of Dimona and has thus streamlined the process of shoveling children into the maw of the Social Services system.

The name of one particular Social Worker in Dimona, Anna Bazarov, has been brought up to me by a number of informants, both professional and lay people who have had the displeasure of encounters with this Social Worker. She is a terror among those who have fallen into the Social Services system in Dimona. No one wants to be her "client" (the Hebrew word used for "client" actually means 'one who is being treated' and derives from the same radical that also means parasite, the message 'parasite' is thus driven into the consciousness of everyone who is in the Social Workers' "care" and people, in referring to themselves by this word, are thus made to think of themselves as parasites). Anna Bazarov, I have been told repeatedly, is, in a word, sadistic.

Dimona is clearly a case of an ethnic population of Jews that is specifically targeted, discriminated-against, systematically povertized, stigmatized and downtrodden and whose children are sacrificed to the Social Services and medical systems in inordinate numbers. This outrage has to end. Three generations of Moroccan Jews have suffered atrocities in the State of Israel.

I have been informed by a professional from Dimona, who wishes to remain anonymous, that in at least one institution that he knows of, psychotropic drugs have been administered to children that are not only not approved for use in humans under the age of eighteen; they do not appear on the list of the medicines approved for use in any humans by the Israeli Ministry of Health. This allegation is extremely serious and must be investigated. The person to whom I spoke was clearly afraid to give me details which might betray his identity, and said only that it is happening in one of the children's institutions in Be'er Sheva. I cannot take personal responsibility for this allegation. However, I do feel obliged to pass what I was told on to your Committees for investigation. Israel has a known and documented record of experimentation on humans (very recently a report came out on Israeli soldiers being exposed to Anthrax, unbeknownst to them), including experimentation on children (the radiation experiments carried out by the Israeli government for the American government in the 1950s on about 110,000 Sephardi children is well-known and has been the subject of Israeli exposés in the mass media). Therefore, the allegation seems plausible to me and deserving of investigation.

In contradistinction to Dimona, my own home town, Tzfat, also a small, peripheral town beset by serious economic troubles, in which Regional Child Welfare Officer Paulette Elimelekh works, is, I am happy to report, actually home to one of the "cleaner" Social Services offices and there are some community-based programs for children who need them in Tzfat, thus allowing many children who would otherwise be removed from their homes to remain at home. More such services and programs should be provided all over the country.

There is no recourse but a comprehensive United Nations investigation into these matters. Much of the groundwork has been done for you.

1) The information appears in the above-mentioned Reports carried out at the behest of the Israeli government.
2) Member of Knesset, Dr. Marina Solodkin has spoken numerous times publicly about gross malpractice on the part of the Child Welfare Officers.
3) Many professionals who have generated numerous Reports have testified to these outrages publicly and to the Knesset.
4) Many Complaints that have been lodged by the public, the victims of the inhuman abuses of children and their families by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, the latter of which is quick to prescribe revenue-generating "psychotherapy" and psychotropic drug "therapy" (should still) exist.

An Investigation of the scope of the money being generated by these Crimes Against the Most Vulnerable Among Humanity on the part of the Israeli Ministries of Social Affairs and Social Services, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the Juvenile Court system must be undertaken by the UN and appropriate sanctions applied as disincentive.

Any and all persons, regardless of position, rank, influence, economic standing or any other characteristic or title found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity, particularly against children must be tried for these Crimes – preferably in an International Court, where they cannot use their personal influence and connections to escape justice as would most likely happen if the trials were held within Israel's borders.

The world is watching, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Pillay. We hope our faith in the justice of the United Nations can be fully restored. This is an opportunity for the UN to demonstrate to the world that the New World Order it wishes to usher in and an International Court, are a boon to Humanity and herald the beginning of a new era of freedom, welfare, prosperity and justice, and not, as many all over the world fear, the beginning of another dark age, distinguished only from the dark ages gone by in the fact that it will be higher tech and more efficient.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan

Within minutes, I received this in regard to Complaint 4:

"Dear Mrs Dotan,

After careful consideration of the content of your petition (communication/complaint), we sincerely regret having to inform you that the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights is not in a position to assist you in the matter you raise, as Israel is not a State Party to the Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Please accept our apologies for not replying in a more personal manner. You may understand that, while we appreciate your reasons for writing to us, the existing procedures require that it is ascertained whether certain preliminary criteria are satisfied before proceeding with the examination of a petition.

For information about the procedures for the examination of individual petitions on human rights violations, please consult our website: www.ohchr.org, (direct link http://www.ohchr.org/english/about/publications/docs/fs7_r.doc). If you have difficulty accessing our website, please write to the OHCHR, Information Office PW-RS-011, 1211 Geneva 10, and ask for Human Rights Fact Sheets Nos. 7, 12, 15 and 17.

Yours Sincerely

The Petitions Unit"

That link didn't work for me.

I wrote in response:

Dear Representative of the UN Petitions Unit:
Does the response below relate only to my Report and Complaint of RACIAL DISCRIMINATION Including Against Minor Citizen Children on the Part of the State of Israel?
Or, does it also relate to my Reports, Complaints and Petitions concerning violations on the part of the Israeli government in matters of of the Rights of the Child and Torture?

Israel *is* a signatory to the Pact for the Rights of the Child since 1991.

Thank you sincerely for your concern,

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
Within a couple of minutes, I received this:

"Dear Mrs Dotan,

This answer relates to your three petitions as Israel isn't a Party to any of the individual petitions mechanisms.

Yours Sincerely

Petitions Unit"

I wrote them this:

How weak and pathetic the UN is!

You can say "No" to doing justice in minutes.

But you cannot DO justice. You cannot make peace. You cannot save a child.

All of your armies, your technology, your organization – and you are nothing.

You hold only the power of death of the body in your hands.

But you know nothing of the Life of the Spirit.

Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat

E-Mail: DoreenDotan@gmail.com
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