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A Call To All People Of Good Will And Friends Of Israel:



The text below was written in september 2005 at this time the media and the Israeli  state were trying to hide the cyril Kern/martin schlaff affair. Thanks to G-od and our effort in January 3 rd the affair exploded in the media,  one day later Ariel Sharon was  at the hospital, today almost nothing has changed, The Sharon’s team is sill leading the country with the backup of the prosecution/supreme court and NAKIM  is still fighting to bring up  the truce on this affair,an other petition has been submitted 10 days ago at the supreme court,  see the presentation at the top of the screen.Today more than ever your help is needed,  The NAKIM team, February 5, 2006.


Today, power in Israel is no longer in the hands of the people. Its

application is not only affected by foreign pressure, but also by the

interests of an Israeli minority which controls the media and courts and

holds key posts in the police and the security services. Israel is no more

a democracy.


Sad to believe, isn't it? However, the reality exploded in our faces during

the past months, when Prime Minister Sharon appeared in a dark corruption

scandal as a partner of Martin Schlaff, an Austrian billionaire,

ex-agent of the Stazi, and close ally of Arab nations and the Hizbollah.

This relationship directly led to Sharon's evacuation of Gush Katif despite

the opposition of the majority of his country.

Why isn't this scandal publicly known?


Because, after the link with Schlaff was uncovered, Sharon understood that

he would only avoid prison on the condition that he activates the political

program of the extreme Israeli left, the tiny minority which moulds Israeli

public opinion. This is why Sharon executed the unilateral plan of retreat

from Gaza, and is planning a similar retreat from Judea and Samaria.


The ultimate corruption?


The only alternative was to turn to the Supreme Court, accusing Sharon and

his advisors of compromising state security.We explained the situation in

two different appeals, dealing with different aspects of the issue. In

all cases, the Supreme Court rejected our appeals without justification.

The court deliberately covered up the Sharon-Schlaff crimes. This is

confirmed by a recent complaint from Austria accusing the Israeli justice

system of protecting Schlaff from the judiciary attacks against him in

Austria! The Israeli Supreme Court protected Sharon (and his allies) so

that he would proceed with a retreat to the 1948 borders despite opposition

from the Israeli people and her security chiefs.


What can we do?


It is a delusion that change will take place after the next elections. It

is a delusion, in fact, that Israel is a democracy at all. Even if Sharon

was defeated, the Supreme Court would apply the same pressure on the new

government. Thus we are left with one solution. We must publicize the

perversion of the Israeli democracy, try those responsible for this

perversion and return power to the people, either by direct democracy, or

by a two-chamber system, reducing the possibilities of corruption from the

parliament and the Supreme Court.


How do we accomplish this?


A lobby must be created to fight judicial and police corruption and

specifically to uncover the Sharon-Schlaff crimes. If it is unsuccessful,

the lobby will be transformed into a political movement before the upcoming

elections. The first steps have already been taken by Haim Yativ who has

brought the Sharon-Schlaff issue to the public's attention with his

repeated petitions to the Supreme Court. These first steps led directly to

the unthinkable: the indictment of the Prime Minister's son Omri for

corruption and his upcoming sentencing. For further reference, see the

appendix. Hebrew readers are invited to consult  In short,

it is possible to win the battle against corruption.


Planned actions


Building on our initial successes, we intend to expand our campaign in

several directions, including:

A public inquiry into Israeli political and judicial corruption

Widespread publication of the results of the inquiry

Recommend reforms of Parliament and the Supreme Court

Create our own media outlet

And barring success, organizing public demonstrations of discontent



Currently, Nakim is staffed by committed volunteers. In the future, we hope

to hire paid staff. If you wish to join our movement and save Israel from

the corruption destroying it from within, contact us and send this letter

out widely. And please do contribute to our cause. We can yet return Israel

to its former dignity.

Help us save Israel and donate now by clicking below


Or send Donation to Nakim-Israel, PO Box 1207 Arad 89112

Fax: +972 3 5423023

Tel: +972 52 4295491 or call directly one of the staff member



Contact us, we speak English,


The  Nakim staff :


·        Prof Arieh Zaritzki, professor of Biology at  the Ben Gurion university,  ex vice-president of the association « professors for a strong Israel ».   Language: English, Hebrew

mobile: 972-545-955.670,

·        Dr Nissim Amzallag, Biologist and searcher at the Judean research center, probed  the Schlaff-Sharon affaire. Language: English, Hebrew, French

 mobile: 972-52-4295492,

·       Haim Yativ, Computer engineer, Founder and Spokesman of Nakim, Likud central committee member, made 2 petitions at the high court on the Schlaff-Sharon affaire. Language: English, Hebrew, French

 mobile: 972-54-6533858,

Friends of  Nakim :

o       Prof Paul Eidelberg, President of the  « foundation for constitutional democracy » and  Prof. Political science. Language :english, hebrew

o       Prof Israel Hanukoglu, Former Chairman of the movement « professors for a strong Israel ».  Language: English, Hebrew, French

o       Marc Zell,.  Attorney, Head of the Zell Goldberg and Co office: see
author with Haim Yativ of the last petition at the high court before the disengagement (the sewage from Gaza and its ecological catastrophic issue)
 Languages:  English, Hebrew, French, German, Italian, Russian, Dutch and Yiddish

o       Dr Yoram Shifftan – Phd  Natural Sciences  (ardent défenseur de la légalité des implantations israéliennes d’après le droit international.) has published many articles on Israeli hasbara, in publications such as Ha'aretz, Ma'ariv, Hatzofeh, Hamodia and Ha'Uma. He has also presented a special series about hasbara on Arutz7 radio.
Language: English, Hebrew




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